SMART BUYERS AGENTS SYDNEY does not receive any commission on the Sydney buyers agency services they recommend based on your specific needs. Instead, when you fill out our contact form, they refer you to a highly-vetted professional Buyers Agent from their network, who pays them a small referral fee. It is important to note that the fee is paid regardless of whether the agent makes a sale or completes a service; either way, we get a fee from whom we recommend according to each property client's specific needs and budget. SMART BUYERS AGENTS SYDNEY solely receives a referral fee and not a commission for any sales or services.

Understanding the typical Sydney Buyer's Agent Fees, the Example below is the average fees agents charge for their services.


Regarding property Real Estate, many things go into a successful purchase. You need to have a good idea of the Sydney buyers' market, what you're looking for, and what you can afford, and, most importantly, you need to have a good buyer's agent. A buyer's agent supports, advises, and works on your behalf to find the perfect property and negotiate the best possible price in Sydney.

There are many benefits to having a buyer's agent. For one, they have access to much information that you may need help finding on your own, including access to off-market properties. They also know how to negotiate with sellers and, in many cases, will get you a better price than you would be able to get on your own, often saving you more than the buyer's agent fee, to begin with, so it makes perfect sense to have a buyer's agent on your side.

So, if you're considering buying a property, get a top Sydney buyers agent expert to help you through the process. They can save you time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Auction Bidding

Most houses in Sydney are listed for public auction, so knowing how that process works and feeling comfortable in an auction setting is essential. Suppose you physically can't attend the auction or aren't satisfied with the process. In that case, a buyer's agent may be precisely what you need. Smart Buyers Agents Sydney will attend the auction on your behalf for your primary residence or investment property purchase.

  • We charge a flat fee of $2900 + GST.

Research & Due Diligence

We will conduct a complete due diligence package on your chosen property and advise accordingly so you can be prepared and well-informed before putting forward an offer.

  • We charge a flat fee of 2,500 + GST.
  • This package is usually bought alongside our bidding at auction and negotiation services.


You find the property and bring it to us; we'll look after the rest. We are experienced negotiators and will give you the best chance to secure the right property when it comes up.

  • An upfront, nonrefundable retainer of $2,500 + GST is payable to start the negotiation process (covers three separate negotiations before another retainer is expected).
  • Upon purchase, our success fee is $19,000 + GST.

The Full Package

This all-inclusive package covers multiple negotiations, bidding at auction, and the entire process from sourcing through to settlement.

  • An upfront, nonrefundable retainer of $7,000 + GST is payable to begin your home buying/investment journey (our agreements span 6-12 months to ensure your peace of mind when purchasing).
  • Upon success, our success fee is 3% of the property purchase price, less the retainer you have already paid.
  • We are open to discussing a flat fee option. However, we find that the percentage fee structure works better in most cases, especially when there is a big difference in the price range and requirements.

So, now that you have our buyer's agent fee structure in hand, please reach out to us, let us know where we can help with your property search, and allow us to be part of your journey.